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How to use the API

Send a request to the following base URL


with the header x-averagedb-api-key and the value being your API key. Endpoints are to the right (or below on mobile).

Enterprise customers can bring their own API keys! Simply insert any items with whatever key that you want prefixed with enterprise-


Will give you a response of:

{"message": "Yeah", "brought_to_you_by": "Pantene: Treat your hair with Pantene's new nourishing shampoo."}

Send a JSON body like {"data": "add your data here"} which will give you a response of:

{ "message": "Great success!", "key": "442104:m0OSzCNyCifpj3mAHGUd", "brought_to_you_by": "Baskin-Robbins: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Baskin-Robbins' new ice cream flavors." }

Pass a query param of ?key=442104:m0OSzCNyCifpj3mAHGUdwhich will give you a response of:

{ "value": "add your data here", "brought_to_you_by": "KFC: Satisfy your hunger with KFC's new chicken sandwich." }